Otto Nilsen



His love for music started when he was only 3 years old.
Otto spent his childhood like every other child, but when he was about 14 or 15
he started to play acoustic guitar.

He played in his home around his friends and it wasn't long before he had written his first song.

When he was 16 he started to play bass guitar, lead vocals and back ground vocals creating his first band called “The Flowers”.
When he was 17 he was already playing professionally in local bands, thus starting his musical career.

He travelled to many cities in the States of São Paulo, Paraná, Minas Gerais, and Santa Catarina, even in all the big clubs in São Paulo.

He also got an opportunity to perform with a Country band in Nashville, Tennessee U.S.A called "Nevada The Band" gaining him International musical experience.
While he was in Nevada The Band, they had the extreme good fortune to release a CD in Brazil,
and all of these great experiences contributed greatly to his solo career.

Otto Nilsen also received an Award for being the "Grand prize winner" in a big country competition in the city of São Paulo.
Out of  60 singers Otto was awarded “the number one spot” with his own Original song
"Um Pedaço de mim” ( A Piece of Me).

With his large repertoire of well known musical hits from Country and Rock, Otto Nilsen has made quite a name for himself at every venue he performs.

Also his "Original" Pop Country songs, sung in English and in Portuguese,  have been very well received by his fans of all ages.

The name and the voice of  Otto Nilsen is growing more and more popular around the world, with fans and followers in the USA, England, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, and for sure in all of Brazil and South America.

Beyond his performances in shows, Otto Nilsen also has worked in Brazil as musical producer and songwriter together with his American friend and musical producer of the Country Music from Nashville, Gene Austin,
with a strong partnership writing and producing all the Otto Nilsen’s musical country style.

Otto Nilsen is working on his next country album with all arrangements and productions co-produced with his partner Gene Austin and it's being recorded in Nashville, USA.
Soon Otto Nilsen's new CD will be released to the world in two languages; English and Portuguese.

In Japan!

With his Radio Show
"Otto Nilsen Musical Journey" in the Radio Shiga, Japan, Otto Nilsen is reaching high levels of audience with a programing of international songs. The whole show is presented in English.

In Brazil and in Europe!
The Otto Nilsen's booking and production is done by his official office
CEOS Eventos e Produções, and also count on the partnership of "ShowSete Eventos" and "Banco de Shows" and even with "Q Press Project" in Belgium.

Otto Nilsen is also releasing a new Country version of the song "There's no more corn on the Brasos" wich was very popular in Europe and in Brazil in the 70's and now will be also a Bonus Track on his new CD.

With Gene Austin in Atlanta, USA.


At the Studios MOSH with Gene Austin, producing Sérgio Reis and Renato Teixeira on their participation in the Eduardo Araujo's DVD

The Radio Show
"Otto Nilsen Musical Journey"
in Radio Shiga, Japan.

"Nevada The Band"

7 years with "Nevada The Band"
With Nevada The Band Otto Nilsen released his first three songs in Brasil through the
CD "Side by Side"

With "Nevada The Band"