Otto Nilsen


They didn`t have school beyond the 2nd year, but they were people of great wisdom and education.
I know that I have worked to get where I got, but there`s no hesitation to say

that I`ve got to be what I am by the steps that they guided me.

The great partners and the best friends in every moments.
Through my life, I perceived that we are like the same in many things.
The seed that they sowed one day, is going on taking a little of everything that they grew.
It was for my Father that I wrote a poem and a song,

how ever I also devote this Tribute for my dear and sweetheart Mother.
She left us all a short time, that`s why is very diffcult for me,

trying to write a beautiful song for Her at this moment, but I know that wherever she is,

She will help me soon to write song for Her.


Otto Nilsen.

The song...

This song was awared in the first place
in a musical concourse in São Paulo city
in  12/09/2007.

"A little part of me"
Otto Nilsen /  Mendonça

See the lyrics
(in Portuguese)

The poem...


( Otto Nilsen )

Um Pai, um dia nasceu
Um filho, um Pai recebeu
Um Pai, uma vida viveu
Um filho, não percebeu
Que o tempo, dele correu
Um filho, então pereceu
Um dia, um Pai
Um filho, perdeu